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About Faceplant
Guild is currently on break.

Faceplant [fP] is an organised WvW guild on Gandara. We enjoy fighting on even footing against guilds as well as challenging ourselves by taking on forces presumably stronger. We will not step away from any fight. Aside from general raiding on the borderlands, which will take place in the form closed raids on Tues-, Thurs- and Sunday, we will definitely partake in both scheduled and spontaneous GvG events, albeit with a strong preference for the Borderlands or Obsidian Sanctum.

We are looking for like-minded indivuals who want to take raids a bit more serious whilst still looking for a laid back vibe. We are aiming to raid with slightly over 20 people on a regular basis, which should give us the core to fight in GvGs as well. If you think you'd fit in well among our ranks, please apply using the application form! For any questions please contact TwanBr.8340 or an officer (see below).

Hope to see you on the borders!

Do you brand yourself as casual or hardcore?
We are leaning more toward the hardcore side of the spectrum.

Does [fP] require 100% representation?
No, but we do require full representation during closed guild raids, as well as attendance on these closed raids. Note that we do very much hope to see our tag up on members outside of raids as well though!

Who can I contact for questions?
Our team of officers to take care of matters and to guide the guild forward consists of spindom.9865 (Avged), SloRules.3560 (Freya) and TwanBr.8340 (Twan).